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Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy: Welcome

At Pentland stables we strive to enrich the lives of people of all ages with disabilities and/or special needs by providing opportunities to enjoy experiences with  animals, nature, outdoor , and other activities and to share those experiences with family and friends.

Depending on the therapy, people may choose from animals including , horses rabbits birds cats kittens .Animal therapy can be a good choice for some people. If this is something that interests you please contact me prior to booking so I can do my best to meet your needs.  

I moved to Canada in 2020 with my husband Neil and my 2 sons Adam (18) and Jack (9) . It was a tough move leaving my family behind in Scotland and trying to navigate the Canada supports as I have boys with autism ADHD a learning disability. Moving at the beginning of covid was difficult too, but i really love the people here and i love my life.

I would like there to be more support out there for parents like me so I started Pentland stables in 2021 at a different location in Jerseyville. I have worked with young people with special needs in Scotland and I think it's really helped me understand my own children.

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